Planning with purpose.

Current Strategic Plan

The 2022-23 Strategic Plan provides for a comprehensive system to support early childhood development in Kern County.

The focus areas, objectives and results indicators are used as a road map to assist in making its vision a reality.

To view the plan, click the booklet.

The Strategic Plan booklet is a snapshot of effective strategies and measurable outcomes maximizing the resources of Proposition 10. First 5 Kern’s funded programs provide vital early education and wellness services to children 0- to 5-years old, and parent education and health care connectivity for families; through the integration of services throughout Kern County.

The Strategic Plan reflects the First 5 Kern’s desire to affect real change through outcomes for Kern’s youngest children and their families. It addresses the needs of children and represents the Commissioners’ design on how to best use its resources to create long-term positive results for young children and their families in Kern County.

Additionally, the 2020-2025 Strategic Plan will guide our work through the 2020-2025 funding cycle.