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Participating Providers

  • East Kern Family Resource Center – Mojave, Ca
    • 661.824.4118
  • Kern River Valley Family Resource Center – Lake Isabella, Ca
    • 661.379.2556
  • Neighborhood Place Community Learning Center – Bakersfield, Ca
    • 661.392.2029
  • Southeast Neighborhood Partnership Family Resource Center – Bakersfield, Ca
    • 661.322.3276
  • Shafter Family Resource Center – Shafter, Ca
    • 661.746.8690

In order to become a Court-Mandated Provider you must:

  • Be a First 5 Kern funded program.
  • Have Result Indicator 2.2.1 (number of parents/guardians who received court-mandated parent education) on the Commission approved Scope of Work-Evaluation Plan.
  • Have at least two staff members trained (one staff member must be from the First 5 Kern funded program).
  • Provide a cover letter with the following information:
    • Organization and program name
    • Brief summary of the program’s interest in providing court-mandated classes and justification why the services are needed in the community
    • Contact information for all staff members in need of training:
      • Address
      • Phone and fax number
      • Email address
    • Include a resume for each staff member listed on the cover letter.
    • Provide a copy of a current Mandated Reporter General Training certificate of completion.
    • Demonstrate the ability to pay for required pretests and posttests from the program’s First 5 Kern budget.
      • There may be a cost associated with the court-mandated curriculum.
      • It is at the program’s discretion to charge participants to offset the $5 assessment fee (or any other costs).
    • Agree to enter assessment data into the Nurturing Parenting data system
      • The First 5 Kern evaluation staff will create an account for the program and provide technical assistance and training.
    • Successfully pass the Kern County Department of Human Services (DHS) screening and review process. DHS will review all candidate information and provide First 5 Kern with a list of approved candidates.
    • Provide a signed Conditions of Approval form for each trainee prior to the Nurturing Parenting training.