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Activities for Kids

First 5 California

  • Meet the Birds Activity Center
    • Babies – Learn how talking can be fun, singing songs helps babies brains develop and a parent’s singing voice, even if they feel or sound silly, is magic to a baby’s ears.
    • Toddlers – Toddlers use their senses and motor skills to explore the world. Help toddlers express creativity, develop language skills, and learn to problem solve.
    • Preschoolers – Preschoolers use their physical abilities to achieve more challenging tasks. Help nurture a child’s motor skills, improve memory and communication skills.

TALK. READ. SING. It changes everything!

Talk.Read.Sing. Everyday!

  • The Learning Center –  Brain development; a child’s ability; the parent’s role; milestones; a second language; developmental delays; and what is literacy? Language development; motor skills; preschool; and child care.
  • The Activity Center – Babies change more in the first year than any other time. The first five years are full of

     learning opportunities.


  • The Health Center – Nutrition; physical activity; oral health; checkups; vaccinations; when kids get sick; special needs; and safety.
  • FREE videos, handouts, color pages, posters, and more.
  • Born Learning Trail – Park locations that have Born Learning Trails in Kern (by United Way of Kern County).