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In accordance with the Proposition 10 legislation requiring public recognition of the Kern County Children and Families Commission (First 5 Kern) and Proposition 10 funding, the Program must adhere to the following.

Each Program shall provide public recognition for First 5 Kern and Proposition 10 funding in all materials produced for the purpose of public education and outreach relating to the Program.

Materials include, but are not limited to, brochures; flyers; television, radio and print ads; public service announcements; presentations; banners; telephone hold messages; and outdoor ads.

Guidelines related to public education and outreach as provided by the Commission:

a. When the new Program or new component of the program is ready for public announcement, the Program will contact First 5 Kern’s Communications Officer to discuss the Program and arrange for publicity and media coverage.

b. All materials will include the language “Sponsored by First 5 Kern. Funded by Proposition 10.” The attribution logos with this language are shown below.


c. All public education and outreach materials produced for the purpose of publicizing the Program must be approved by First 5 Kern’s Communications Officer before being disseminated to the public. Please fax or email all public education and outreach materials for approval.

d. Questions regarding the appropriateness of use are to be directed to First 5 Kern’s Communications Officer.

It is recommended that any social media posts on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram promoting the program tag or mention First 5 Kern:
Twitter: @first5kern
Facebook and Instagram: /First5Kern

Please email all public education and outreach materials for approval, and send photos of events to the email below. Please be aware that any photo sent to First 5 Kern may be used online, in social media or in printed materials, and it is the program’s responsibility to follow all protocols for privacy and photo release documentation prior to sending to First 5 Kern.

Kevin Bartl
Media and Communications
First 5 Kern
(661) 328-7034
(661) 328-8880 fax