Community Event Support

First 5 Kern has put over $200 million into the community since our founding by Proposition 10 in 1998. The majority of those dollars were provided to programs that deliver key services for children and families. But operating a full, year-round program isn’t the only way to receive support.

First 5 Kern was a sponsor for the Gatsby Gala dinner, which benefits foster youth in Kern County

Each year, tens of thousands of dollars are awarded for hosting events, fundraisers and other means of raising awareness for issues that impact the youngest in our county. Events like fundraising dinners, educational conferences, community health fairs, family events, and car seat giveaways are great ways to show your support for young children and their families, and may be eligible to receive funding.

In order to receive consideration for funding, you must submit an official letter of request, outlining the event and detailing how the First 5 Kern funds will be used. Your event must demonstrate a targeted approach to benefit children 0-5 and their families. All requests for funding of this kind have a maximum award of $5,000.

If approved, all events must follow our contractor information guidelines.

Resource table for First 5 Kern at a recent early education and child care conference


Organizations and Events that received community support from First 5 Kern in 2020-21

  • DHS Purple Ribbon Month
  • Family Life Pregnancy Center of Tehachapi
  • United Way of Kern County Book of the Month Club
  • Safely Surrendered Baby outreach campaign
  • Caring Corner’s Family Collaboratives
  • Bakersfield Pregnancy Center drive-thru baby showers


All letters of request should be mailed to:

First 5 Kern
2724 L Street
Bakersfield, CA 93301

or emailed to


First 5 Kern receives dozens of requests for funding each year, under First 5 Kern’s Community Support Policy. Funding is awarded at the discretion of the Executive Director and/or the Commission, based on the educational and service value, the number of children prenatal to age five and their families served, how the event/project/conference aligns with the mission and vision of First 5 Kern, and the availability of funds.

A Community Support and Sponsorship Funding Policy is in place for the purpose of a fair and consistent way to respond to sponsorship requests. Requests of up to $5,000 can be submitted to the Executive Director in care of the Communications and Media Specialist. The Executive Director has the option to approve, modify or deny any requests. For these requests, it is not necessary to wait until the next scheduled Commission meeting takes place, but it is a best practice whenever possible.

Requests over $5,000 must be sent addressed to the First 5 Commission and require approval of the full Commission who may approve, modify or deny the request. On the day following the Commission meeting, a letter from the Commission will be sent confirming approval or denial of the funding. Organizations approved will receive the funds from the Commission approximately two weeks from the time they are notified of the acceptance of their request (unless the event/project/conference is in a new fiscal year; at which time they will be paid after July 1). Requests over $5,000 must be received within 10 days of a meeting to be submitted at the next scheduled Commission meeting – and require Commission approval. Requestors may be required to wait until the following month’s Commission meeting due to time constraints. See Commission meeting schedule:


  1. A letter or formal request should be submitted to Executive Director Roland Maier in care of the Communications and Media Specialist The letter should include the following (example provided at
    1. The event/project/conference name
    2. Event/project/conference date(s) and time
    3. Purpose and description of the event/project/conference
    4. Anticipated number of children (prenatal to age five), and their families, who will benefit and/or be in attendance
    5. Amount being requested for funding
    6. An explanation of how the event/project/conference relates to the mission and vision of the Commission.
  1. The Executive Director will review the request and direct the Communications and Media Specialist to ensure the community support for the event/project/conference meets the Policy guidelines:
    1. The purpose of the event/project/conference is consistent with the Commission’s Strategic Plan.
    2. Educational/informational materials are designed for children prenatal to age five and their families.
    3. Funding will strengthen community capacity to meet the needs of children prenatal to age five and their families.
    4. Requested funds are available; and will be used to supplement (not supplant) other funding.
    5. Approval of the request is consistent with Commission Policy on unsolicited grants.
  1. If approved, the Executive Director will submit a letter of approval for the Commissioners’ meeting packets for the next First 5 Kern Commission meeting scheduled (See meeting schedule: ); regardless of the amount.
  1. The Communications and Media Specialist will contact the requestor to inform them if the request is approved or denied upon direction of the Executive Director (usually within two weeks of receipt of a request).
    1. The Specialist will verify if an ACH Vendor Packet (with W9) is current and on file (this is mandatory).
    2. Upon approval requestors should email the Vendor Packet to First 5 Kern’s Fiscal Administrative Specialist: as well as Kevin Bartl:
    3. Requestors will be provided with the Attribution Policy.
  1. Promotional materials for the event/project/conference must acknowledge First 5 Kern as a sponsor using the attribution logo.
    1. The Communications and Media Specialist is required to approve all materials before printing to ensure appropriate attribution.
    2. During the promotion of the event/project/conference please share with First 5 Kern any flyers, social media posts, event/project/conference program, etc. so that (if the requestor desires) we can also help promote the event/project/conference on social media media and the Handprints Newsletter.
  1. After completion of the event/project/conference, submit to the Communications and Media Specialist:
    1. The number of children prenatal to age five and families that were reached.
    2. Copies of printed materials such as flyers, brochures and event/project/conference program highlighting age-appropriate activities. Include age appropriate materials whenever applicable.
    3. Photographs from the event/project/conference.


Please feel free to contact Kevin Bartl, Communications and Media Specialist, with any questions:
Kevin Bartl