First 5 Kern works to strengthen and support the children of Kern County, prenatal to 5-years old, and their families. By funding and empowering service provider agencies – through the integration of services – First 5 Kern focuses on… health and wellness, parent education, and quality child care and early childhood education.

Program Success Stories

A new student came in not speaking…

One of the new children who recently started in the School Readiness classroom came in not speaking. The preschool teacher stated the child would only point to indicate his needs and wants. After a speech therapist referral, the child now uses short words and sounds to respond. The children in the class watch out for their fellow student, and really enjoy being with the child in the classroom, and his speech continues to improve.

Delano School Readiness is a program of the Delano Union School District

My daughter is now picking out healthy food…

“My daughter wanted to buy the same apples we ate in class at the store.” The healthy choices and ideas presented at the healthy eating workshops are giving parents and children new ideas about foods to try and buy that they might not have if they had not been exposed to them at the parent workshop.

The Health Literacy Program is a program of the Bakersfield Adult School/Kern Union High School District

Having child care available at the shelter helped her find work and housing…

A parent recently was able to move out of the homeless shelter dorms and into a new home. She also found a job that provides for her and her family. Having her children in quality child care during the day helped her take the steps she needed to seek housing and work.

Discovery Depot Child Care is a program of the Bakersfield Homeless Center

After 18 months, success for the grandparents…

We have finally obtained letters and orders of guardianship for clients who are loving grandparents of two little girls. After many court hearings, including a trial, the case, which spanned 18 months, saw worsening addictive behaviors and domestic violence for both the mother and father, and a strengthening of resolve by the grandparents to provide a loving and stable environment for the girls.

The Guardianship Caregiver Project is a program of Greater Bakersfield Legal Assistance, Inc.

A routine exam found cavities and tonsillitis…

A routine exam for a special needs child at a recent Fluoride Varnish clinic identified cavities and a tonsil issue. The KCCDHN assisted the parents in finding a pediatric dentist, receiving a full exam and x-rays, and a doctor for necessary surgery. 

Kern County Children’s Dental Health Network is a program of West Kern Community College District and works through Kern County Superintendent of Schools.

These programs ensure my child learns life-saving skills…

“These programs ensure that my child learns life-saving skills. These programs allow my child to be part of programs and not be left out. Water can be dangerous and I learned very important information to help my child.”

Make A Splash teaches water safety and child CPR and is a program operated by the City of Bakersfield

Commission & Committee meetings

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the First 5 Kern Commission will be Wednesday, August 7, 2024
The agenda will be posted a minimum of 72 hours in advance

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