Planning with purpose.

Strategic Planning 2020

The core purpose of the Strategic Plan is to give a framework that guides the work of First 5 Kern and its funded partners; integrating goals and objectives to achieve result-based indicators that represent the developmental needs of Kern County’s children and their families. 

With a mission of establishing health and wellness, educating parents, and to best assure each child is ready to succeed in school and life through early childhood education – First 5 Kern has worked in partnership with service providers across Kern County.

Over the past 19 years, First 5 Kern has built a strong reputation in the community as an expert and advocate for children. The implementation years provided a template for how public programs can work in an integrated, strategic way. The investment of Proposition 10 funding (the first extensive statewide grassroots effort of its kind) made a positive impact, incorporating a family-focused, culturally appropriate, community-based approach for thousands of children and their families.

As a new five-year funding cycle begins in 2020, the foundational work of two decades First 5 Kern launched12 Town Hall meetings across our vast county to hear the voices of residents, parents, community advocates, and health and education leaders – to determine the next focuses.

POWERPOINT DECK: Each of the 12 Town Hall meetings reviewed including five-year financial projection and reserves.

Investment in early years yields lifetime positive results in children and families and provides long-term savings for costly remedial education and social welfare programs.