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First 5 Kern publishes a calendar each month which includes live links to flyers and other items. The calendars below include community activities Contact the agencies listed for information.  Stay tuned to @First5Kern on social media for up-to-date information.


Adventist Health Immunization Clinic  ENGLISHSPANISH
Kern County Library Children’s Schedule
Beale Library Schedule
4|10, 9am Kern County Homeless Collaborative Outreach Committee, California Veterans Assistance Foundation, 2215 Buena Vista, FOR INFO 661.834.2734
4|10, 5:30-7:30pm Shafter Community Meeting  re:food concerns, Shafter Youth Center, FOR INFO 661.868.0342
4|10, 12:15-1:15pm GBLA Workers’ Rights Workshop, 615 California, FOR INFO 661.325.5943
4|10, 9-11:30am Kern Medical Prenatal Classes SPANISH, Part 2, RSVP or FOR INFO 661.326.2606
4|10, 9:30am Kern River Valley Collaborative, 3240 Erskine, Lake Isabella, FOR INFO 760.379.2556
4|10, 4pm McFarland Community Collaborative, 410 E Perkins, McFarland, FOR INFO 661.792.1883
4|11, 9am & 6pm First 5 Express at Bakersfield Adult School Child Care Center
4|11, 9am 34th Street Neighborhood Partnership, 3800 Jewett, FOR INFO  661.631.5895
4|11, 10am Indian Wells Valley Collaborative, 100 W California, Ridgecrest, FOR INFO 761.375.4357
4|11, 5-8pm Bakersfield College Spring Fling Carnival
4|11, 9am GBLA 6th Annual Fair Housing Conference, 5917 Knudsen, FOR INFO 661.326.4792
4|12, 9am Greenfield HELPS Collaborative, 5400 Monitor, FOR INFO 661.837.3720
4|12, 9am Wasco Collaborative, 1950 Palm Avenue, Wasco, FOR INFO 661.758.7140
4|12, 3:30-6:30pm First 5 Express at Greenfield HELPS Collaborative Health & Safety Fair, 725 Capitola Dr, FOR INFO 661.837.3723
4|12, 12:30pm East Bakersfield Community Collaborative & Kern Family Health Care Taller de Alimentacion Saludable y de Vida Activa
4|12, 2:3pm East Kern Collaborative, 16804 Highway 14, C, Mojave, FOR INFO 661.824.4118
4|12,6-10:30pm Kern Medical Prenatal Classes Part 2, RSVP or FOR INFO 661.326.2606
4|13, 8am Hope through Mentoring (Kern Stop Meth Now), CSUB Multipurpose Room, FOR INFO 661.868.6135*
4|13, 9am Fit n Fun Friday (18 mo to 5-yrs-old) Riverview Community Center, FOR INFO 661.392.2029
4|13,10am Project Play at Lori Brock Children’s Discovery Center*
4|13, 4pm Shafter Healthy Start Resource Fair, 300 N Valley St, Shafter, FOR INFO 661.746.8690
4|14, 7am-4pm 11th Annual Celebracion de Familias Excepcionales Conference, Mariott 801 Truxtun, FOR INFO 661.873.4973
4|14, 8-10am Farmers Market & Free Produce, Annin Park, 935 Gromer Avenue, Wasco
4|14, 10am-2pm Ridgecrest Children’s Fair, LeRoy Jackson Park, Ridgecrest  FOR INFO 760.499.1770 
4|15-21 Week of the Young Child,  Check out or First 5 Kern on social media @First5Kern
4|17, 9-11:30am Kern Medical Prenatal Classes SPANISH, Part 3, RSVP or FOR INFO 661.326.2606
4|17, 1:30pm South Chester Partnership Collaborative, 800 Ming Avenue, FOR INFO FOR INFO  661.631.5895
4|18, 9am Shafter Health Start Collaborative, 201 Central Valley, Shaffter, FOR INFO 661.746.8690
4|18, 2:45-5:30pm Bakersfield College Services at Wasco Independence High School, 1445 Poso Drive
4|19 1pm Vista West High School 4th Annual Job /Resource Fair, 7115 Rosedale, FOR INFO 661.900.8264
4|19, 5pm Mountain Communities Collaborative, 3015 Mt. Pinos, Frazier Park, FOR INFO 661.245.4303
4|19,6-10:30pm Kern Medical Prenatal Classes Part 3, RSVP or FOR INFO 661.326.2606
4|20, 10am Safe Sleep Coalition of Kern, First 5 Kern, 2724 L Street    FOR INFO 661.328.7034
4|21, 8am Taft Health Fair, Buena Vista High School, Taft   FOR INFO   661.765.4124
4|21 Great American Clean Up Day, Yokuts Park, Bakersfield   LINK
4|22, 9am-4pm GBLA 6th annual Fair Housing Conference
4|23, 1:30pm Buttonwillow Community Collaborative, 42600 Highway 58, Buttonwillow  FOR INFO 661.764.9405
4|24, 1pm Family Recovery & Hunger Relief Food Policy Council Meeting, Dagny’s Coffe Shop, FOR INFO 661.654.3530
4|24, 9am East Bakersfield Community Collaborative meeting, First 5 Kern New Parent Kit Presentation, FOR INFO 661.631.5895
4|24, 9-11:30am Kern Medical Prenatal Classes SPANISH, Part 4, RSVP or FOR INFO 661.326.2606
4|25 United Nations Orange Day – Domestic Violence Awareness, join us on social media @First5Kern
4|25, 9-11:30am DHS Safe Families Resource Fair, 100 E. California, FOR INFO 661.631.6754
4|25, 5-7pm Now We’re Cooking Health Resource Fair (Bakersfield City School District), Evergreen Elementary School, FOR INFO 661.861.0458  FLYER
4|26,6-10:30pm Kern Medical Prenatal Classes Part 4, RSVP or FOR INFO 661.326.2606
4|26, 10:30am Southeast Neighborhood Partnership, Dr. MLK Community Center, FOR INFO 661.322.3276
4|28, 11am Impact Bakersfield Resource Fair, 225 Chester, FOR INFO 661.489.5952
5|1, 9-10:30am Kern Medical Prenatal Classes Part 1, RSVP or FOR INFO 661.326.2606
5|1, 9:30am Delano Neighborhood Partnership, 1842 Norwalk, FOR INFO 661.721.7035
5|2 First 5 Kern Advocacy Day,  Capitol Building, Sacramento
5|2, 9am-6pm Mental Health First Aid Class, Family Learning Center 107 S Mill, Tehachapi, FOR INFO 661.868.6674
5|2, 10:30am-4:30pm Early Child Education Apprenticeship Statewide, Ralph Hawley Center; 1275 61st Street, Emeryville,CA
5|3, 10a-3pm Family Resource Centers: Vehicles for Change (volumes 1 and 2), by invitation only, FOR INFO
5|3, 10am Arvin|Lamont|Weedpatch Collaborative, Location TBA, FOR INFO 661.845.2724
5|3, 6-8:30am Kern Medical Prenatal Classes SPANISH, Part 1, RSVP or FOR INFO 661.326.2606 
5|4, 4pm Fruit & Veggie Festival, Walmart Neighborhood Market
5|5 Bakersfield College Services at Wasco Library, 1102 7th Street, Wasco
5|6, 5:30pm Early Childhood Council of Kern monthly meeting, 2000 K Street, FOR INFO 661.636.4488
5|12, 11am-3pm Kids Fest, Kern County Museum Wee 5 EXPO* 
5|16, 10am First 5 Express at Buttonwillow Community Resource Center, 42600 Hwy 58, Buttonwillow   FLYER
5|16, 4pm Taft Collaborative, 1092 W Kern Street, Taft, FOR INFO 661.765.7281
5|17, 5:30pm First 5 Express at Third Thursday at Millcreek Park, Bakersfield
5|19, 8:30pm Early Childhood Council of Kern monthly meeting, 2000 K Street, FOR INFO 661.636.4488
5|19, 9am Engineer It, Girl! Bakersfield College
5|24, 10am-3pm Strategies 2 Learning Communities – Teaching Resilience, FOR INFO WWW.STRATEGIESCA.ORG/LEARNING-COMMUNITIES
5|30, 8:30am Oildale Community Collaboartive, 1515 Feliz, FOR INFO 661.392.2110
6|2, 10am County of Kern 1st Touch-a-Truck (fire engines, helicoper, honk a truck horn), Kern County Library
6|10, 11am Bakersfield Health & Wellness Expo, Kern County Museum, FOR INFO 661.328.1410 
11|3 Early Childhood Conference, Bakersfield Convention Center, FOR INFO


MARCH 2018