The First 5 Kern story.


First 5 Kern’s working committees assist the Commission and staff towards accomplishing the goals of the Strategic Plan. Committee members are Commissioners appointed by the Commission Chair who meet, determine agendas, delegate tasks, solicit input from community members and professionals, and document all decisions in accordance with The Brown Act.


Executive Committee
Lucinda Wasson, Chair
Rick Robles, Vice Chair
Dena Murphy, Treasurer
Jennie Sill (for Bill Walker), Secretary

Technical Advisory Committee
Susan Lerude, Chair
Sam Aunai
Michelle Curioso
Jennie Sill (for Bill Walker)
Al Sandrini, (Alternate)
Public Members: Denise Bishop, Tammy Burns, Tom Corson, Michelle Curioso, Karen Davis, Heather Hornibrook, Sandy Koenig, Bill Phelps-Ramos, Antanette Reed, Rebecca Roth, Isabel Silva, Meseret Springer, Jennifer Thompson-Solis, Debbie Wood, Jennifer Wood-Slayton

Personnel Committee
Rick Robles, Chair
Dena Murphy
Jennie Sill (for Bill Walker)
Lucinda Wasson
Sam Aunai (Alternate)

Budget and Finance Committee
Dena Murphy, Chair
Michelle Curioso
Susan Lerude
Rick Robles
Al Sandrini (Alternate)


Community Outreach and Communications
Jennie Sill (for Bill Walker), Chair
Sam Aunai
Al Sandrini
Lucinda Wasson

Project Review
Al Sandrini, Chair
Michelle Curioso
Susan Lerude
Supervisor Leticia Perez