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School readiness begins early
Six tips to prepare your child for kindergarten.

Preschool is more than just playtime – it's an opportunity for your child to learn. When researching a preschool for your child, ask questions about the program’s curriculum to make sure the preschool helps prepare her for her next classroom – kindergarten!

What should my child know by kindergarten? Below are some tips to help your child be successful in school.

READ ALOUD EVERYDAY: Read aloud with your child every single day. Introducing books early and reading aloud, helps him build language skills, prepare for school success and embrace a love for reading.

1-2-3 COUNT WITH ME: Children entering kindergarten can typically count to 10 on the first day of class. Make counting part of your routine using blocks, buttons, soup cans or even your child's fingers and toes!
SPOT THE BASICS: Children will need to recognize shapes and colors. Add food coloring to cookie dough, milk or vanilla pudding to emphasize colors. Point out specific shapes or colors around the house and while in the car.
YOUR TURN MY TURN: Preschoolers are just beginning to understand the concept of sharing. Finish a puzzle or build a block tower together to demonstrate sharing. Use positive reinforcement when your child shares, pointing out how they made others happy when they shared.
FOLLOW DIRECTIONS: Kids learn best when they're taught to actively listen when the teacher's speaking to them. Encourage them to repeat directions back to you. Try playing games like Simon Says or Red Light, Green Light.
NO NEED TO CHOOSE BETWEEN LEARNING AND FUN: Do both and get your child ready for kindergarten with fun activities. Children become better thinkers when they’re active participants in their own learning while they play. The tricycle may not seem like an advanced learning tool, but it develops gross motor skills. Negotiating over toys helps kids practice communication. And deciding who will play which part in the pretend post office allows them to practice planning, negotiating and decision making.

What they learn before kindergarten will affect them long after their pre-K years. And getting them ready for school is a lot more fun than we thought.




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